The Most Spectacular Show On Earth

“Life goes on with fragile normalcy.” —Sara Gruen

The circus has always held a certain kind of magic for me. There’s something about the sound, the lights, the smells, the animals and the performances that enlighten my soul. I’ve been to a few circuses in my life and at one I got to ride an elephant which is definitely a highlight considering that elephants are my second favorite animal (Side note: they used to be my favorite. Even my baby blanket had elephants on it. But dinosaurs have taken over.) I just really love the circus. I love movies, books, songs, whatever when they talk about the circus. Water For Elephants is one of my favorite books and movies that I could just read/watch over and over again. The Night Circus too was amazing and I wish it could be real. If I could make one fictional place come to life it would be The Night Circus. The magic that’s in that book is so enchanting. I think one thing that gets me about circus books is that they’re always so well written and full of poetic prose.

I have a friend with whom for several years we’ve talked about running away with the circus later on when we’re older. I don’t know about him, but I’ve always legitimately considered it when we talk about it. We’d always discuss the different things we’d like to do in the circus. I always leaned towards caring for the elephants while he wanted to train the lions and tigers.

Lately though, I have been seriously considering running away with the circus.

Here’s the thing, I am going to school, have a minor and major both of which I love and will support me throughout my life. I have plans to go to Grad school and get my Masters and I have plans to have a family. I look forward to all of these things greatly and all that. But what if there’s something more. I’m the kind of person that longs for adventure. I also consider the smallest of things, such as reverse puddle jumping to be a pretty grand adventure. I like having fun in life and making ordinary things extraordinary by doing the things and saying the things no one expects to happen. When I walk through Wal Mart with my friends I like to pick up the pool noodles and whack them over the head and then run away and play hide and seek. I like to blow bubbles as I sit in class. I like to wear brightly colored clothes with strange combinations of colors or patterns just to be different. The circus would be a very grand adventure. It could be amazing, or it could suck. But it’s something I really want to experience. Even if I could just get hired on for one season. It’s something I’d love to try. I’d love to go to a circus in Europe too, just to be even more unique.

So I’ve come to the conclusion in recent weeks that if in a few years, I’m finished with school and not married still and don’t have any huge prospective opportunities appearing before me and nothing tying me down, I’ll do it. I’ll run away with the circus. That all being said, I might have totally turned in a few applications online today just to see what happens. Who knows, maybe when I wake up tomorrow, there’ll be a circus on my doorstep whisking me away. When all else fails, I’ll just join the circus.

Be benevolent, dear elephant!

❤ Annee


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