A Safety Guide to Natural Selection

Note: This post may be added to based upon future experiences

This is a guide to natural selection to dating, meaning that if this selection process does not take place, a natural selection will occur later on probably creating a bit of a living hell.

The thing is, that first of all, you, yourself must be a “fit” component for the selection of others. It’s up the person to determine what that means but it should be similar to what you are expecting of the other person.

So basically both parties must be:

  1. Loyal (first and foremost—see past post)
  2. Can’t have already ruled out a long term relationship with the other person
  3. Kind and considerate
  4. Able to be independent and give/have space
  5. Honest
  6. No Breaking Rules (Up until this determinate phase, we must not have broke any rules)
  7. Worthy (temple, priesthood, whatever this must needs be)

Then there’s my must-be-answered-with-the-correct-answers-due-to-previous-problems-Annee-has-seen-in-her-life questions/determinates:

  1. Reemphasis on #7: Worthy?
  2. Exclusivity (Including clarification of friendships with others of the opposite sex) and brochure of ways I’m allowed to commit murder if cheating occurs
  3. Past relationships I should know about?
  4. Expectations (Am I REQUIRED to talk to you every morning at 8:05?)

Finally, a safety guide to ensure happiness:

  1. No hand-holding, kissing, (only tolerable physical things before marriage) before official dating status has been achieved (arm around me/forehead kisses/escorting are negotiable)
  2. Don’t break any freaking rules (honor code, church rules, etc.). Automatic break up if rules are broken.
  3. Don’t freaking cheat or put yourself in a situation where you are tempted to
  4. Talk to each other every day  often.
  5. Wait until you are in love with each other to tell each other so
  6. Keep physical contact to a minimum (see #1 and #2)
  7. Give each other space (don’t breathe down each other’s necks 😉 )
  8. Be respectful
  9. Break up sooner rather than later if you’ve already decided to do so in the long term
  10. Support each other (his & hers applies to hobbies and such)

So that’s basically it. Life sucks already, don’t be stupid and make it suck for someone even more.

Stay fertile, turtle

❤ Annee


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