Why Annee’s Alligators

Well to start off my name is Annee, so the alligators are mine—at least that is what the possessive ‘s’ I learned about in elementary school implies. I’m not going to say all the boring things that tell you who I am—like what my job is or if I’m going to school or if I happen to like cats more than dogs and what my favorite food is—because what do those things tell you? They tell you generic things that you could learn about a hundred different people and create statistics based on the data by and then all those people would be is numbers. I am not a number.

Who am I?





I am someone who has severe anxiety and depression but I am not my anxiety and depression. I am someone who makes a lot of mistakes but I am not my mistakes. I am an adventurer but I am not my adventures. I have 4000+ readers of my writing, 1400+ followers on pinterest, 600+ facebook friends, 200+ instagram followers but I am not defined by those numbers.

I think it’s interesting that when asked who we are, or to introduce ourselves, we talk about the things we have, the numbers around us and the things we like and don’t like. Is that really who we are? I don’t know the answer to that. Maybe I would, but as I said I have anxiety and depression and those things make me doubt a lot of things including myself, so maybe I do know the answer and just don’t realize it.

Anyways, I’m Annee. That’s all I got. I can tell you lots more things about what I like and don’t but I’m not going to because as writers often say, “show don’t tell.”

I don’t actually have any alligators which may be disappointing to you. It certainly is to me (I’d prefer an Elephant or Dinosaur over alligators though). So why alligators? Because Dr. Seuss said I have some. “Big A, Little A, what begins with A? Aunt Annee’s Alligators, A A A” That’s a line from Dr. Seuss’ ABC’s that I’ve known since I was little. I always promised my nieces and nephews I’d get an alligator someday. At least, the ones I’m close with. I have ten nieces and five nephews and three great nephews and some of them I’ve never even met. It makes me sad. But someday, I’ll have my alligator farm and invite all of them to come visit me and it’ll be grand.

So the alligators of mine were inspired by Dr. Seuss but I also like to think of them as a sort of metaphor (TFIOS really ruined that word….). Alligators are nice in their own way. Like, I’m sure if I was an alligator I’d find other alligators very nice so I really have nothing against alligators. But at the same time, Alligators eat a lot of fish and will probably chomp my legs off if I happen to get close enough in their territory so Alligators are also maybe not so nice. Basically everything in life is like this—I’m like this. Everything has a sort of nice side, and a not so nice side. That dance you went to last week? It was great except for the smelly dance partner for that one slow song. That lunch with your Mom? Great, except she asked you that annoying question again. The baby in the carseat in the back of your car? Great except it’s crying. And me. I’m the most rambunctious adventurous energetic random person you might ever meet. But I’m also the saddest quietest most stressed worn out person you might ever meet. Polar opposites yet both make up who I am. So I find Alligators to be pretty comparable to everything.

I don’t know how much I’ll post or what this blog is going to about really but I just thought I’d give it a try. I don’t know if no one will read it or if I’ll have a million readers. I don’t know if this blog will be me telling lies or me being more honest than I am with anyone. I don’t know a lot of things, it’s just kind of a go with the flow time for me. But it’s whatever. So that’s why Annee’s Alligators.

See ya later Alligator!

❤ Annee


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